Grandma – Outpatient feat. Hanzo

This is dope. A mysterious singer going by the name Grandma dropped a music video for a track called Outpatient with a rapper named Hanzo. Lol both of these artists, Grandma and Hanzo, have two of the worst names ever for SEO. But this song is an interesting blend of 80s synth pop meets post Lil Peep.

Lil Dusty G reminds me of Landon Cube meets Lil Peep

I’ve never claimed to be a particularly big fan of Lil Peep, but for one of my best friends that is his favorite rappers, and one of my favorite rappers is also IloveMakonnen, so for those two reasons especially I have huge respect for Lil Peep and what he did.

Recently there has been a large outpouring of artists trying to maybe fill in the hole he left behind. Most of what I hear is complete garbage. But last night I found out about a guy named Lil Dusty G and I don’t know, his music is starting the process of becoming something I listen to a good amount. I mean I actually have already played his track ghost rider about 3 times in the last 24 hours and I suspect it might get many more plays from me this week.

The guy featured on the song below, Ronen, really ruins the song, if you can just skip his part and pay attention to the Lil Dusty G parts I think you will get what I am seeing / hearing.




Watch: Hippo Campus – Buttercup (official video)

I don’t just love hip hop / rap music. My music taste is eclectic. If you have been following this blog for awhile, you will know this. I have written about Clairo and others and today I am making this post to introduce you to a band called Hippo Campus. I don’t know anything about them, but damn do I love this track “Buttercup”! Legitimately I am currently on the 5th play in a row of this track while writing this post.

The song sounds like it would be perfect for a movie montage scene which is usually a sign that I will f*ck with the song heavy.

“.clout and notoriety are more important to me than cash and gold.” Interview with artist Louis Wheeler Every II


Louis Wheeler Every II AKA



What do you do? I draw, paint, sculpt, dj, produce, direct, network, finance, and distribute…various media and platforms….I would consider myself a artistic director

Any major credits I should list?
dave chapelle (comedian) = sculpture & drawing
DJ trap-a-holics (disc jockey) = drawing
DJ THIS JUST IN (disc jockey) = paintings, drawings, dj back drops
DJ CRIZZLY (disc jockey) = painting
DJ ANTIK ONE (disc jockey) = sculptures, paintings, drawings
DJ AFTERTHOUGHT (disc jockey) = paintings
MR. Dibbs (disc jockey/producer) = sculpture, painting
Leigh Silvers (street artist) = painting
OG BEN NAZ (street artist) = drawing
A.C.E.O.N.E. (Master of Ceremonies) = graphic design, paintings, drawings
RIFF RAFF (Master of Ceremonies) = painting
7UCKEY SE7EN (Master of Ceremonies/Producer) =paintings, graphic design
LIL PUMP (Master of Ceremonies) = painting
LORD BIINGO (Master of Ceremonies/Model) = graphic design, photography, video, paintings, artistic direction
GURUWVLF (Master of Ceremonies/producer)
Hooligan Chase (Master of Ceremonies) = Graphic Design
Slim Jesus (Master of Ceremonies/Model) = painting
J WALK (Master of Ceremonies/Model) = painting
YND ZIGGY (producer) = drawings
NPA MUSIC (producer) = drawings, graphic design
Session 193 (producer) = customization, drawing
ATTACK ON BITIN’ (Break Dance Competition) = sculptures (trophies)
Facebook group 2017 Meme’s = graphic design, writing
Facebook group STICKERTOPIA = stickers, illustration, video, drawing, and moderation
J. R. Bob Dobbs Church of the SubGenius (religious organization) = paintings
CHEESE CAKE FACTORY (charitable fundraising commercial business)= painting donation
BOMF (charitable fundraising homeless running initiative) = paintings
FRANK 151 (chief keef issue) (Publication) = illustration (drawing)
THE NEW RICH KINGS (hip hop group) = paintings
KV&M$ Klassic (hip hop group) = paintings
MIGOS (hip hop group) = painting
MARLON BROWN (NFL player) = painting
@kingg_floss (viral star) = sculpture, poster, apparel

How did you get connected with Hooligan Chase? Riff Raff or any of your other credits? 

I contacted hooligan chase through Instagram after hearing CHASE COWBOY for the 1st time

I gave a 3ft. X 4ft. Fine art painting to riff raff at one of his INDIANA shows…he tweeted the painting…which got me a commission from DENVER BRONCOS MARLON BROWN & RIFF RAFF DJ AFTERTHOUGHT….I network, post, travel, meet….I JUST DO IT

Where do you get this confidence? its not money or I would have quit a long time ago…….recognition is where I get my confidence

What is one food that you do not hate, but you could live without for the rest of your life? Caviar


Do you use a particular software?

Photoshop, i movie, garage band, 1080 p high resolution camera

How old are you? 34 yrs. old

Where are you from? Born In SAN DIEGO, raised in INDIANAPOLIS

How long have you been designing album / mixtape / song covers? 
since 2001

How did you get into the game? 
a lot of footwork and being in the right place at the right time


Who are your biggest influences? 


What is something about you people would be surprised to know? 
my imbilical chord was wrapped around my neck at birth…i had to be delivered early

What do your designs cost? 
varies project to project….clout and notoriety are more important to me than cash and gold……please don’t hit me with the word “exposure” you will be blocked……i wanna work with people who are driven and focused…here today gone tomorrow industry fakes i honestly do not have the time for/ or you will pay for me to push other projects aside and focus on yours…..i don’t do goofy 5 hour graphics….my works are pieces of art hard to imitate

Who are the favorite artists you have worked with? 
7uckey Se7en


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Chase Hadden – “I’m Sorry” Music Video

The beat for this song is beyond gold/g-d like. This beat is AMAZING!!! I wonder who made it? The lyrics are sung by Chase Hadden who I have never heard of but find myself wanting to change that after seeing this video.

I don’t know why artists keep putting out gold thats less than 2 minutes but hey… at least you gave me a taste.

Krystle Maria will clean your teeth and rap you to sleep…

Krystle Maria is a rapper and singer I got hip to in June before I went on an extended vacay. Before I went away to handle some things I sent out and interview questionaire to the songstress/rapstress and I recently got back in touch with her and found out the answers to those questions.

First off, she’s wippin up fire tracks and also wippin in ya mouth. lol she’s studying dentistry. Not really a feeder profession for the rap industry which makes me like her even more. I’m all about that different.

Check out the interview below

Who is Krystle Maria? I am 4th year dental student who happens to be a pretty dope rapper/singer.

Where are you from? I’m from Silver Spring, MD

Does that have any influence on your music? Sort of. We have our own lingo in the DMV so sometimes I might use the slang.

Whose your favorite producer? Jelani Kwesi is the greatest producer right now. He is from the DMV he also is an artist himself and working on his project that will drop very soon.

How long have you been rapping? I’ve always been into poetry while growing up so rapping came natural to me. I recorded my first song in 2010 though.

Did you have any artist names before Krystle Maria? In high school it was Krystyle. Then I switched to Krystle Meth. I’m still Krystle Meth at heart but I want to take my music to a whole another level so Krystle Maria is what  I recently decided to go by.

How much do you charge for a feature? I do features for free right now I love connecting with different artist.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?  I won this competition here the DMV and got to perform for hundreds of people including radio host and bloggers, etc. That was  probably my biggest crowd and it was lit!

What did you do today? Worked on a couple of songs.

Whats in your pockets right now?  Hopes and dreams I’m just trying to turn into reality.

Who are your biggest influences? My friends around me. They grind and I just want grind 10x harder.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Being a mogul. Owning several dental offices and having Grammy’s and going platinum.

Want to give any shout outs or promote something? Shout out to everyone who is believing in me. And my new single Bad Habit dropping real soon! 🙂

Lil Toenail “F*ck What You Heard” official video


The rap game’s left foot.

The only problem with Lil Toenail is that his songs are usually less than 2 minutes. It sucks when the song is so great but it ends to early (like this makonnen song  But that seems to be becoming more common than it used to.

There’s a lil toe in all of us…

Get on toegang before the rest of the world does.