New flame: Doin Me!!!


Review: I’ll give you a review, this song will end up on your lifetime playlist.

But for real, this is the type of rap I want to hear! This is the type of ish that plays at the end of the movie or tv show as the teens come of age and ride on bikes through out the neighborhood and the montage plays. This is the type of music you listen before you go conquer your dreams!

Mikey Mike is a mysterious character and I don’t know much about him yet but I hope to write much more about him.

*For the first week I played this on my youtube red, I thought that the picture being used was a charles manson mugshot or something. Nope, that’s the guy who made this song.

Cool Chance the rapper type beat

One of the reasons I created this website was to help artists find beats. I know how hard it can be searching for the right beat, there are literally millions of beats on YouTube.

This is one of the many beats that I have found while searching and I know its a fire beat but it just doesn’t fit with my style. Somewhere out there is someone who could do this beat justice. For some reason this beat has less then 40 views on youtube?cray cray!

*I have no affiliation with this artist. Just think this beat is dope!

New flame

Listen, Rarri is DEFINITELY NOT reinventing the wheel and he definitely has some clunkerz but I must admit he impressed me with his most recent single “What Dey Seem” and an older track “2ou2id3”.

In the most recent one, “What Dey Seem” the beat is something akin to what I would expect from Lucki X and is a nice, catchy, drive around and smoke a blunt on a summer day tune.  Somehow the video is still at under 60,000 views and you should probably start banging it before the rest of the crew does.

On an older track of his,2ou2id3, the Columbus, Ohio rapper comes across as a more understandable Chief Keef. Again he is not reinventing the wheel, however if you play “2ou2ide” it will make you want to take off your shirt and sell dope with your lil brother. Either that or blast it outside on a summer day and make your white neighbors think your selling dope.

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Importance of a Rap name.

A rap name is important. It’s your brand, it’s your character, it’s your story, and it’s also the name most people are going to know you by for 5, 10, 15+ years if you’re lucky. Sometimes people do not put that much thought into their rap name (I’m looking at you Ball Greezy) which in this day and age is dumb because it’s often your name that causes people to check out your content.

One thing I love about the abundance of new rappers coming out is all the new names. There are plenty that are unoriginal, for example anyone that has young or yung or lil in the name.  I don’t want to assume your gender (J) but dude if your name has young in it, you’re just going to have to change it by the time you hit 30. One thing a lot of rappers are using now is the roman numeral, emoji, and capitalized letter schtick which I actually like but can get hella confusing. Xxxtentacion almost killed it.

A really dope example of a name that I almost would nominate for best, is wifisfuneral. However there are to people that I think just take the cake when it comes to names. There’s smrtdeath which is just so low key yet on the verge of eye rolling that its perfect. Then there’s the absolute BEST DAMN RAP NAME OF ALL TIME, the artist who goes by ITSOKTOCRY. When I saw that name I laughed to the point of tears for 5 minutes before I could actually watch the video. In my opinion that name is just so over the top, outlandish, dumb, smart, and creative, that it actually works. I’m sorry but if that doesn’t intrigue you enough to check out the artist, what are we here for?

My opinion of these artists? I like to imagine that the rap group $uicideboys are the would be sons of Kurt Cobain. Smrtdeath and ITSOKTOCRY are what I imagine the cousins of kurt cobain are probably making right now. No offense.

These two, while each different in their own right, seem to be of the group of new rappers who grew up at the tail end of screamo and warped tour being cool so they all pivoted to being rappers.  There’s a theory that the rate of serial killers is going down because of technology and media. It’s theorized that the technology and media advancements are essentially turning would be serial killers to spree killers.  Well I think that technology and media advancements also are why we have artists like smrtdeath, lil peep, ITSOKTOCRY, etc.

I want to be clear though, I am not saying that this is a bad thing at all, all the artists coming out now are from a generation that was exposed to a plethora of wide influences.  I for example, list Eminem, The Killers, Boosie Badazz, Speaker Knockerz, Regina Spektor, Why?, Atmosphere, and ILOVEMAKONNEN, as my main influences. I am sure you as well also have a diverse range of influences, these guys just happened to be the skate punks and emo kids that somehow listened to only metal, punk rock, and lil wayne.

Why would I tell you about this if I don’t like them? I’m not gonna put this music on repeat for sure, but there are a hella bunch of people that will. Hell, maybe even you will. In my opinion, no they aren’t good but they are better than sum, and hella interesting.


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