Should I narrow my content?

“Should I narrow my content?”

I don’t know about you but at least for me that’s a question I am constantly grappling with. That’s partially the reason I took such a long hiatus from regularly writing and producing content for this blog. Was anyone going to be interested in the content I was making about the new topics I was pursuing outside of music?

I think to myself a lot after coming up with an idea that there is a good chance its just going to be met by crickets and be ignored / not receive views or streams, but I realize I can’t think like that and let it stifle my creativity. Every idea, concept, piece, or whatever you want to call your work, is a possibility for a new journey, a possibility to reach a new fan, listener, or reader. Every idea is a million things in itself really because there’s all these different paths that can spring off of one thing.

So as I write this, I am deciding that I am not going to keep my content narrowed, at least for now. Curated Flame, is a somewhat ambiguous name, but it means I sift through the bullshit and provide you with the fire stuff I find, and I am going to continue to do that in all manners I want. Whether that be, creating a video about why ABG Neal is one of my new favorite rappers or making a video and article analyzing my use of Etsy ads.

So my advise to you as well, put out the content you want, you can always delete later:)

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