ABG Neal is one of my favorite new rappers.

ABG Neal is a rapper from New York City started getting attention when he began releasing a string of videos with his friend Krimelife Ca$$. Ca$$ was already achieving a certain level of buzz by the time he started releasing videos with ABG, and he is still arguably the bigger of the two artists BUT it seems that ABG is starting to really break out on his own and acquire his own fan base.


Well at least for me, he cracks me up. He is not the typical rapper I find myself gravitating towards and his flow definitely isn’t complex and neither are his lyrics, but his personality and humor shines throughout his lyrics. With ABG your not going to find an artist waxing poetics about the complexities of life, but what you will find is an artist who is unapologetic about who they are. There aren’t lyrics that hold double meanings, these are lyrics that are straight to the point. Notable quotes include, “I don’t love bitches, I love to sell crack” and

I highly encourage that you give this “new” artist a chance and check out his videography. He just dropped a new video called “Really Rich” that I think is going to help continue to push his career forward and help get him closer to the “mainstream”.

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