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I have been covering the hip hop music business on this blog for over two years now, and something I have learned is that, it’s all a numbers game.

If you want to become a producer like Sonny Digital, Jetsonmade, or Pierre Bourne, and have a brand behind your production name, you have to have your production (and beat tag) featured on more then just one track. Also, if you want to make any real money from royalty streams, you need to have many placements. For example, I know a producer who has never produced a big hit, YET he steady makes a couple thousand a month in royalties from the dozens upon dozens of deep cuts he has produced for somewhat larger artists.

But how do you get placements when your someone who isn’t big yet? A lot of producers think if they just upload their beats to YouTube and other platforms, rappers will find them. Yes, while that is true, in this day and age with so much competition, you can’t just wait for people to find your beats. You need to be reaching out to artists yourself. Back in the day, before the spread of hip hop blogs and all the platforms for finding new music, producers would go to hip hop shows and then try and link up with the openers they liked and pass them a CD with beats on it. But now with the internet, its as simple as sending an email with a couple mp3 files, or examples of your graphic artwork if your looking to make mixtape covers.

Ok so I have to email them… but how?

Last year, I started releasing “email packs” for producers and graphic artists and these packs are lists of up and coming rappers and established artists and their contact emails. These email packs are meant to be used as a way for smaller producers and graphic artists to get in touch with rappers and submit their beats and artwork to. The way it used to work, was that I would spend a month or two gathering up a bunch of emails and then I would release them as a download that you could buy. But now, since wordpress has now added the feature for subscriptions. Instead of having to pay for every email list I drop, from now on for a small subscription fee a month, every month you are going to get multiple updates of at least 50 new rapper emails to send beats / artwork to.

*Currently offering this subscription at the $5 price which is for the first 25 subscribers only, as of 1/20/2020 there are 15 slots left.

This is a limited thing

I believe that if the list becomes to popular then of course the chances of getting a beat placement or even just having the beat listened to, will go down. Currently I want to say that the cap for this email pack subscription service will be 1,000 subscribers but that’s just a number I am throwing out and honestly who knows if there is even 1,000 people interested in this thing. If / when, I reach 50 subscribers, I will begin discussing with them what they think a fair limit should be, currently as of 1/20/2020, there are 10 subscribers.

Other benefits of this list

I am here to serve you, the creative, looking to sell your beats, artwork, or videography services. So when you are a subscriber to this list, you will get more then just updates, you will also be able to;

  • Request specific rappers for me to find the contact / beat emails for.
  • Free consultation. After 5+ years in the music business and a whole host of other entertainment industries. I have extensive knowledge that has been helpful to more then a few producers and artists on the scene. Feel free to ask me questions or seek advice about anything related your creative business.


What is this?

Up to date list of rappers and the correct emails to send your beats or artwork to.

How does it work?

You sign up for a subscription of $5 a month that can be cancelled at ANYTIME. Every month, typically once a week, you will get an update of 50 new rappers to send beats to. When you sign up for this list, you will also get the previous lists/updates that I have sent out.

What is the value of this?

Time saving

It takes hours of research, looking for rappers and then finding the correct emails for them or for their manager. These are hours you could be spending on your craft.

Again, its a numbers game

YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, can only get you so far. The more you get your beats out there, the higher the chance of getting a valuable placement with a rapper. Also, this email list focuses on the up and coming rappers, not the “Future’s” or “Cardi B’s” of the rap game. Everyone is trying to get a placement with the bigger names, but the goal is to get a placement with a regionally successful rapper before they blow up. Imagine having a placement with DaBaby only a year ago, before he blew up, you’d be sitting on some nice royalty checks right now.

Anyways, that’s my shpiel.

Sign up today and get your first 50+ emails instantly.


    1. Hey, check your email, you should have just received the email pack updates. Been behind cause of dealing with some stuff, but I just updated and will be sending out more emails, in the next couple days. So sorry about the delay!

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