Tulsa, Oklahoma, will pay you $10k to move there for 1 year

This is for my producers, graphic designers, writers, and more. People that are making a living from the music business among various ways, but for the most part, you are “working from home”.

You see, Tulsa, Oklahoma is paying people 10k to move there for one year. They want people who work remotely, i.e. at home. Which for a lot of us, is right up our wheelhouse! I am just throwing out an idea but what if we, and by we I mean all of us writers, producers, engineers, graphic designers, n videographers. What if we all apply to this and use it to fund the next great hip hop/rap community🤔🤔

Just a thought, either way, this could be a great opportunity for many of us. So I encourage you to apply, the application is pretty painless and can be found at tulsaremote.com

When you apply and they ask you where you heard about this, plz tell them Curated Flame.

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