These pre-rolled cone rolling papers come in multiple designs and colors

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Most of my friends and family have always been glass users. They prefer a nice pipe or bong or maybe even a dab rig but for me personally, there has just always been something about a nicely rolled J or spliff to me.

In college, in 2013/2014 I really started to see the “glass” wave take off with so many people bringing intricate glass pipes or “bowls” and even “dab rigs” to college parties. These pieces were definitely not cheap. I began asking people who I have met who prefer glass why they don’t like rolling papers? and usually the answers I get are;

1. They don’t know how to roll
2. glass pipes (bowls) and bongs just look nicer and have more artistic creativity involved.

That was the inspiration for me to start sourcing, producing, and creating, these awesome pre-rolled cones that I sell now on my Etsy shop.  I want to bring art and creativity into rolling papers and currently, I have 10+ designs and color options available.



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