Send beats to rappers today with my free October Email Pack.

I am releasing this FREE october email pack for two reasons;

  1. I know there are producers and graphic designers who can’t afford the email pack I sell which is why every now and then I drop free or super cheap email packs to help yall out. Because at the end of the day I am hoping that one day one of you will be the next sonny digital or metro boomin and will shout me out in an interview like “I got my first placement off one of these email packs from this site” or something like that. Idk that just would be so cool!
  2. There are a hella bunch of producers and graphic designers who are skeptical of my email pack and I get that. I don’t really give off to much info about it like all the artist on the email pack but that’s because if I did give out to much info, well then what would you need me for? But hey heres a free email pack of 34 rappers for you to check it out, obviously it just a minor representation of my full email pack which is stacked at over 400+ rappers and growing.

Listed below is only 10 out of 166 of the rappers on the September Email Updates

  1. $tupid Young –
  2. 1bandobaby –
  3. 22 Da General –
  4. 2C Gump –
  5. 4waymarlo –
  6. A.G. Brizzle –
  7. Aayookd –
  8. Almighty Beezy –
  9. Anwar –
  10. Autogang Lotti –

Listed Below is some of the rappers that were listed on the 5, 6th, and 7th official updates in July. Rappers were removed because I can’t give away to much sauce for free:)

7th official update: July 13, 2018

  1.    Sexxy. Red: [Going viral due to her track “ah thousand jugs” she def likes samples]
  2.    S3nsi Molly:  [Female rapper, chill flow but street]
  3.    Anwar: [ lucki ecks meets $uicideboys  ]
  4.    YBN Dougie: [ rapper that blew me away on a feature he did and I really see going places ]
  5.    Snowprah : [ female rapper that someone said sounds like ski mask the slump g-d]
  6.    Lardi B : [White female rapper, might be parody, Cardi B meets JellyRoll]
  7.    YP Dinero:
  8. Foolio:

6th Official Update:   July 9th, 2018

  1.     Blacc Zacc:
  2.     Kenny Gee:
  3.     Ice Burgandy:
  4.     Autogang Lotti:
  5.  Paid Pat:
  6.  Lil Zay:
  7.  1bandobaby:
  8.  Trap Boy Freddy:
  9.  Big Wondu:
  10.  Mad Muzik Cali:
  11.  Yo Gutta:
  12.  Sherwood Marty:

Free October Email Pack By CuratedFlame!


If you want to send beats to over 400+ rappers today purchase the email pack that I have available today which includes one month of updates for free for $9.99.

5th official update: July 2nd, 2018

Riff Raff  wants country beats:  

Rappers who paid me for promo and I know buy leases / beats:

  •   JidScan:
  •   Jeremy Whitehouse:
  •   Foreign Blake:
  •   Jordan Barone:
  •   Lil Dash:


Email Pack + 1 Month Subscription of Updates

This is the curated flame email pack which currently contains the contact emails for over 400 rappers. This list is comprised of rappers who fit the following categories; Major Label Artists, Established rappers in other countries, and artists on the come up. Included in your purchase is one month of free updates and each update typically contains 30+ new rappers.




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