Pittsburgh Duo, Social House, releases visuals “Magic In The Hamptons”

I just discovered this song on YouTube though the video has already been out for three days racking up over 750k views. Originally I had no idea who the fxck “Social House” was and then seeing the make up they had on the video I was like what the fxck is this so I did a little research.

And turns out this duo, consisting of “Mikey” and “Scootie”, are from my hometown Pittsburgh, Pa! What?! That’s awesome and it makes me so geeked to see Pittsburgh artists making a name for themselves.

Now don’t get it twisted they don’t currently still live in the Pittsburgh area, they both have been in LA for a couple years now I learned in an interview they did with the prelude press. Moving to LA on two different journeys they ended up working at the same production house and working together on multiple projects writing and producing for big names across genres.

Now they are trying to push their own music instead of make music for others and well shxt, they made a banger. Originally released in June, the track has racked up over 1.5 Million views on YouTube and the video for it, like I said earlier, got released 3 days ago and racked up 750k views so far. The video directed by Cole Bennett is dope and overall I see this song getting way more attention now that the video is out!

Sidenote – Chance The Rapper and Kyle both need to hop on a remix of this.


Shouts out to Lil Yachty for having making such a relatable yet lame, and corny lyric, sound so fxcking dope. “I’m a mama’s boy, so you gotta meet my mamma first!”

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