“Pyrex & The Egg Beater” : Meet YBN Dougie, the Dallas rapper up next.

I have been writing fewer posts on the blog recently because of two reasons;

  1. I recently took over as the content curator of two nice size instagram accounts.
  2. I want to keep the posts on this blog to strictly the best content I can for you all, the readers.

Now I know I especially haven’t done an interview with a rapper in a minute or anyone for that matter, but recently I saw a posse cut and the first rapper on the track was someone going by the name YBN Dougie.

This was the verse I saw;


Bruh if you listen to that verse and don’t come away thinking “daaamn that homie just killed it” or something to that effect, then I don’t trust the music ear you claim.

I mean I keep my rapper interviews to a minimum because I want to be the site that is known for showcasing the artists that will blow up next. So far I have interviewed Elle Teresa, Hooligan Chase, Icy Narco, IloveFriday, and GlokkNine, and now I think that if Dougie continues to put out music with the flare he showed in that above verse, he will be the next one to blow.

Find out more about this artist by scrolling down;

Where’d you get the name YBN Dougie?

Well my brother gave me the name dougie when I was little but not til I meet yung rich porter then I became YBN Dougie Yung Boss Nigga… THE REAL YBN U FEEL ME

What jobs have you had before this rap shit?

Well no cap I was arrested as a kid I was on probation all the way up to this year February so I was forced to get a job hear n there but the shit never worked out.

Have you done any shows yet?

yea latest big shows opening up wit my dawg uno Loso for yella beezy n I just did the after party wit lil baby for vlive.

Where are you from? Does it have any influence on your music?

Im From Oak Cliff HighLand Hills to be exact n yea but most of my music is really based on my life n wats going on at the moment, most time my mixtapes are fast so it really be like a moment or what’s going on in a period of time in my life.

Are you involved in your local rap scene or no?

yea of course  I’ve been making music since I was 13, some body should know me 😂

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who are your favorite producers you been working with? 

I RATHER NOt RELEASE THE SAUCE 😂 but I give a couple drumdummie cash a.p and more but most of my mixtapes are non profit but hopefully it become a time when I can get with the producers I work wit yo make a album fasho fasho.

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