“Hallelujah, pink paradise” Have you heard of ANWAR yet?

“Shinigami are g-ds or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death, and can be seen to be present or interpreted to be present in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture.”

I guess that Anwar is very into Japanese culture, but this is definitely not uncommon. The Japanese culture has long had a love and fascination for it from the hip hop community. Anwar’s song is not my normal go to type of song but I can tell that a lot of people will fux with it. Beyond that, I’ve found myself thinking about the song since I first watched the video two days ago, much like Baby Jay’s recent track “Out The Rain”.

Maybe it’s about to be the time for the black emo rapper to shine. Because from what I have seen, they have yet to get the same attention that the hip hop outlets that cover the emo rap scene, have been for the most part, throwing exclusively to white emo rappers.

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