Iggy Azalea is doing everything she can

to stay relevant;

She shows off amazing twerk skills with a big ol booty that is sure to get maximum exposure on instagram, twitter, and Tumblr. The whole video itself seems made perfect to create clips and gifs out of for social media [see example below], which again is why I say she is doing everything she can to stay relevant.

It’s a tired trope in hip hop / rap, @$$ and cash abound throughout this music video for her track with Tyga, but it more than does the job and I am sure will keep her name relevant for a little bit longer. Speaking of which, I can’t believe Tyga is still relevant, this man continues to get millions upon millions of views for his music but like I have never heard anyone say they listen to Tyga heavily… Maybe I just don’t know enough white girls from Calabasas.

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