Catching up with Anastasia Knight

Back in February, I did an interview with Anastasia Knight, an adult film star who was new but I had seen getting a lot of popularity. A lot has happened since February, and we lost touch, but I recently sent an email to her to see if we could do a second interview and to my surprise after a couple weeks she responded. In the interview that follows,  we talk about what she’s been up to, possibility of retirement, and if there is ever going to be an interracial scene. Scroll down to find out more!
How is everything since we last talked? Everything is great, lost some people, gained some new ones. Everything is swell at the moment, its honestly getting better every day.
Have you been getting booked more? Yes i have, im always booked up, but since it is June now, everything is a lot slower than usual.
Getting recognized more? Yes i have i also have gotten alot more offers and i am pretty excited i honestly cant wait because i am starting to get more noticed and i get tons of emails every day about acting, modeling, shooting content with random people. I am enjoying life at the moment.
Some people thought you were retiring for a minute, is that a possibility anytime soon? Honestly no, if something better comes along then maybe but in the meantime i will keep doing porn.
So we can expect to see Anastasia knight for awhile? Definitely going to be seeing me for a while.
What has been your absolute favorite scene to work on so far? My favorite scene will always be with bryan gozzling, hookuphotshot. He is so respectful and dirty as fuck i love it, it gets me all riled up.
I’ve seen you tweet about interracial scenes. Is that happening anytime soon? Yeah it’ll be coming in a month so expect it! by Dickdrainers
What is something interesting your fans can learn about you right now, what’s something we dont know about you? Well i like to research about random stuff, i say learn something new every day because that is the best way to live. And i used to write music for when i played piano.

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