Flip one of these samples and make 25

I am promoting and advertising this contest, so a lot of you reading this might not know who I am or what I do with curatedflame.com.

  • CuratedFlame aims to be a site that is known as a resource, a resource for rap fans looking for the next artist to listen 2 and in fact I was the first site to interview and write about rappers such as Icy Narco, GlokkNine, Hooligan Chase, and ILoveFriday, to name a few.
  • And a resource for the up and coming producers and rappers. I have interviewed over 125 hip hop producers and I have written many articles geared towards helping producers and rappers with their craft.

I am looking to take CuratedFlame to the next level and one of the things I want to do is release a beat tape. A beat tape that features multiple producers and features beats that are unique. So for the next several weeks I plan on hosting a few contests and this is the first one.
So here’s all the info:

How you enter

  1. For this week, choose 1, 2, or 3 samples.


2. Take the sample and flip it into a new beat that is at MINIMUM 2 minutes long.

3. Send me the Mp3 to abrabinent@gmail.com by Friday at Midnight, the producers with the best flip for each sample will be picked Sunday.

There are 3 samples available and hopefully there will be 3 winners but like I said, you can enter a beat flip for all of the samples if you want, and you could potentially earn the cash prize for each one.

What you win if beat is chosen

  • $25 (PayPal, Cashapp, or Amazon)
  • Free CuratedFlame Email Pack
  • Interview with CuratedFlame
  • Your beat featured on the curated flame beat tape.
  • 50% of any YouTube or Streaming earnings.

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