Rappers, Leave your city.

First off, no matter what you think of the man, R.I.P. XXXTENTACION, he’s a young black male who died young. But he wasn’t the only rapper who died yesterday, the other would be Jimmy Wopo, who I am sure you already know about. Props to the media outlets on social media for not forgetting to talk about Jimmy Wopo in posts yesterday, in fact I saw several having both artists pictures side by side. The fact that Jimmy Wopo was included on several large instagram and twitter accounts tweets yesterday made it so that  hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people found out about Jimmy Wopo.

Jimmy first really came to the attention of the Pittsburgh and tri state area (PA, WV, Ohio) close to 3 years ago when he released a diss track about another Pittsburgh Artist, Stunn2Fly.

I wont get into the politics about the reasons behind the diss, but this track would propel Jimmy to the top of artists being next up in Pittsburgh. Before that diss, it was Hardo and Stunna2Fly, but that diss came out then Stunna went to Jail and wasn’t able to accurately respond, and just naturally the spotlight shifted to Jimmy.

Pretty soon he released a litany of videos for original tracks and remixes that kept his name bubbling, not only in Pittsburgh, but all up and down the east coast. In fact, my baby brother, listens to him in Florida and he knew about him before I recommended Jimmy to him a year and a half ago.

But unfortunately he had yet to really leave the city of Pittsburgh, hence why he was in the Hill yesterday. It’s a shame but Pittsburgh rappers don’t see that Wiz Khalifa was doing 150+ shows a year (Mac was grinding 2 with shows), years before Say Yeah, or Black and Yellow, etc, popped off. I have seen so many artists get close to fame in Pittsburgh, but for some reason they don’t do the same type of touring that Wiz did or Mac did.

If you are a rapper, I am telling you once you see any taste of success, get out of your city and start touring like crazy. Even if your only breaking even, it will pay off in the long run.

R.I.P. Jimmy Wopo, R.I.P. xxxtentacion, R.I.P. Fredo Santana, R.I.P. Lil Peep, R.I.P. Speaker Knockerz, R.I.P. Lil Snupe, and hundreds more. SMH.


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