What we can learn from this rappers potentially clever use of social hacking.

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The reason I am writing this is because the rapper Bali Baby has been generating buzz about potentially being signed to Gucci Mane, but here’s the thing she isn’t. I discussed it in a previous post but she’s been seen wearing a chain that says 1017. The 1017 that’s synonymous with Gucci Mane’s 1017 records. Long story short she isn’t signed and actually Asian Doll, a female rapper she beefs with, is now signed to Gucci Mane.

Here’s what I didn’t write in the other article though because it came to me after. I was thinking to myself about how or why she has a chain that says 1017. Then it came to me and I am not saying that she did this but I wonder if in this day and age of people using social media to get more attention to the music they make, I wonder if Bali Baby maybe had the idea for a type of social hack. A way for people to talk about her more and get more streams to her music, much like 6ix9ine and other artists do.

My thought is what if she bought a fake chain that said 1017 and took a couple pics with it knowing it would get her fans and others talking. I mean a fake chain might cost $750 to $1000 but when it could potentially generate you the same amount of buzz that would cost you 5x or 10x the $ you put into the chain, it’s worth it.  Plus the buzz or “impressions” you are gaining comes across as more organic.

If your wondering how buying a fake chain could be the same as putting that money into marketing and promoting your music. By posting pics with the chain, it cause a controversy and has already gotten two instagram accounts with a combined 15k followers posting about her possibly being signed, tons of her and asian doll fans commenting on posts all over IG, and on top of that she now has my blog writing two  articles about it and I am sure much more buzz that got generated that cant be truly quantified.

I am not accusing Bali Baby of doing what I just theorized above I am simply saying that it’s a possibility and something that rappers, producers, models, and artists in general should analyze or at least think about.

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