What commenting on a viral tweet can do for you.

I am writing this article because I believe it will provide useful information for anyone who is a rapper, model, blogger, entertainer, etc. Basically anyone who has a brand, product, or content, that they want to get more awareness to.

The title of this article is “what commenting on a viral tweet can do for you” which is different from creating a viral tweet. Tweets go viral for many reasons and making a tweet that will go viral and what that does for you is a whole other article in itself. Right now I want to simply discuss commenting on viral tweets.

Recently I happened to be scrolling on twitter and I saw a tweet that was going viral. I don’t really remember the numbers it was doing but I know they struck me as potentially something that would get even more likes and retweets. The tweet itself was


I read the tweet and I was confused about why someone would need two 2018 range rovers so I commented “Why 2 Range Rovers?” and wow did that comment get a lot of attention!


Now 20 something comments in response, 11 retweets and 316 likes might not seem like much but here are some other numbers that might seem a little bit more impressive. That comment being liked and retweeted in turn garnered these stats;IMPRESSIONS.PNG

and on top of that, once I saw my own tweet was being liked and retweeted so much and getting a bunch of impressions and comments, I commented on the tweet and posted the links to two of my posts that typically get a lot of clicks. Those two comments have gone on to do the following numbers;


Looking at those numbers I hope you will consider how making noteworthy and interesting comments even if they are simple can potentially get you a lot of free attention.

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