“Liberated” Dej Loaf is truly about the culture with her newest release.

I am going to keep this short and sweet because I am sick of so many rappers who claim they are doing this for the culture. I got into an argument with a rapper yesterday who claimed I was strictly about the money and not about the culture. I am not going to claim about the culture nor am I going to claim about the money. Both are true.

I think of all the ones who claim culture, 50% are false flagging to use it as a cover. The others, I don’t know, a lot of us really think we are doing it for the culture but in reality, the ones doing it for the culture, rarely know that they actually are.

Dej Loaf simply made a beautiful song that I think clearly deals with her personal struggles, whatever they may be, and I am sure is the reason why we haven’t her much from her. But this song is her reintroduction and its beyond beautiful and the truth is, this is the type of song that is “for the culture”. So if you rap and one of your goals is to be doing this “for the culture”, try and make some dope shxt like this.


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