Gucci Mane deads the Bali Baby rumors

Recently the rapper Bali Baby has been causing a little bit of a stir because fans of hers noticed she was wearing a 1017 Records chain that apparently Gucci Mane gives to his artists he signs.


Gucci Mane has remained quiet on the subject and Bali Baby has neither denied nor confirmed it. However she is adding fuel to the fire because she also uploaded a pic about 4 hours ago on Instagram and it was again her wearing the chain.


Now if Bali Baby was signed to Gucci it would be awesome because that would be the first female artist signed to him but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Sorry to disappoint fans of Bali Baby but she is unfortunately not signed to Gucci Mane, well at least not yet. The reason I know this is because the tweet sent out by Gucci Mane a couple hours ago…


The first female artist signed by Gucci Mane is Asian Doll. I am surprised but hella congrats to Asian Doll and who knows maybe Bali Baby will be the second.



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