“C3P0 Was a Sad Boi” new music from Xay Scott

Xay Scott is a producer who has worked with many artists from Lil Uzi Vert to Good Charlotte and now he’s trying his hand at making music of his own. I know the dude and we talk a lot actually and he’s been telling me to check out the track and I am always doing 10k different things so it takes me awhile to get the stuff.

I finally played it an hour ago when I was doing one of my posts I just published and now I am on its 4th play and I fear I am actually going to be replaying it more. Lol. Like forreal though. So many rappers say they are making a new wave or doing something others aren’t and that just 99% of the time not true. Xay actually does it though on this track and honestly I don’t really know how to describe it besides saying like yeah it’s rap. But it’s rap if C3P0 was a Sad Boi.

And at 1:50 it’s criminally to short.


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