Foreign Blake isn’t afraid to “Get Silly”

I get submissions from about 5 to 10 rappers and their representatives everyday but due to my site and it’s social media’s not having the same recognition as Elevator or NoJumper or SayCheese yet, unfortunately I don’t get the greatest submissions. That’s why I rarely post music of people who submit but every now and then there is somebody who catches my ear and right now that’s the case with Foreign Blake.

I am not going to lie the second I got an email from him I was immediately intrigued simply due to his name. When you get emails from a dozen “lil cloutchasers” any name that doesn’t have Lil or Young in it gets more appealing and idk what to call it but that name just sounds dope, it sounds and looks marketable to me.

But rap music is more than a name so what about the music? Well when I listen to Foreign Blake I hear the beginnings of somebody who has the chance to pop off. He is still rough around the edges but I saw something in Icy Narco when he only had one remix available on Soundcloud and I think I might see the same with Foreign Blake. He’s got a vibe going that’s undeniable and I think it’s hella cool that he remixed “Get Silly” a track that’s like 9 years old at this point.

Also I really dug his dipset remix

Keep an eye out for Foreign Blake.


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