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So you are a producer and you know you got the flames the world just needs to hear, but you want to know how to properly get the content out to the masses and stand out in a crowded field. If you are the person I just described then you are who I am writing this for. Social media is key to marketing and promoting your beats because it isn’t enough to just upload them to YouTube and Beatstars, Traktrain, or airbit and think alright cool my beat is going to get views or sell. New’s flash it is not going to sell so you are going to have to actively market and promote your beat or beats and one of the ways to do this is on Instagram.

Let’s first start with things that you don’t want to do when promoting your beats on Instagram.

Don’t upload a screenshot picture of your beat video on YouTube and don’t upload beat videos like this either:

Don’t spam comments of other people’s posts, it doesn’t drive traffic to your beats. Posting a comment like “check out my newest beat” on worldstar’s most recent post isn’t going to make someone check out your beat. In my experience everyone who spams comments doesn’t even spam the right posts. I will post on instagram a picture of my newest article and someone will post a comment saying “hey I just checked out your song, its a hit. Check out my page and let me know what you think”. I don’t know why people think this works or is going to make me follow them, I just posted a picture of a article and they said they listened to my song?

What you should do when marketing and promoting your instrumentals on IG

Beat videos: The most successful beat sellers, in terms of using instagram as a platform to sell beats, post videos like this one below;

Warrants (prod. Nod God) Beat store link in bio

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They take a premade video, and I’ve seen people use skateboard videos, twerk videos, and other artists music videos, and they put their instrumental as the audio for the video. They make a 30 or 60 second clip for Instagram and sometimes they make a full length one for YouTube. The reason why I say upload beat videos like the one I posted above is because they are more attention grabbing.


Properly placed hashtags 

I will discuss hashtags further in a second but I wan’t to pass a long a gem I was fortunate enough for a rapper to tell me early on in my time on Instagram. You don’t actually have to have the hashtags in the description of the post, you can put them as a comment. The reason you do this is because it gives you more room in the description for other more important details and as well it makes the post look less spammy and just nicer aesthetically.

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Targeting locations

With Instagram (and twitter) obviously one of the easiest ways to target specific locations, is when you are uploading/posting your content on Instagram, use hashtags for the specific cities and states you want to target.

The way to target specific locations I just listed above is a good way and a lot of people do it but in my experience, it isn’t the best because with me for example, my content isn’t universal. Yes I write about rap / hiphop which is the most streamed genre of music worldwide but it doesn’t mean that everyone likes it or what I am writing about. Same goes for your beats, just because you use the hashtags #chicago #nyc #LA doesn’t mean the people who see your post from those hashtags are going to be all rappers or rap music fans.

So here is a better way to promote to rappers in specific locations and this can be replicated anywhere across the world. I’ve been told it’s a type of social hack and yeah I’d say it is but really all I am saying to do is better version of geotagging. Geotagging is where you post something on Instagram and you tag the post as being made in a certain location, this can be anything from a store to a city to a state to a country, literally anywhere.  But what’s awesome is that you don’t actually have to be in a place to tag it as the location of a photo.

I find that by simply geotagging a certain location it will make me show up in explore and other more often and my pics get in the top photos more often which drives traffic long after you’ve posted on Instagram. And if you want to really narrow your audience, you can tag very specific places to do that. That’s the social hack and yeah it’s going to take a little research but here is a real world example that you can actually use yourself;

Let’s say you are uploading a beat and one of the locations you want to target is Pittsburgh, Pa but you want your beat to actually be seen by rappers in that city. Well in Pittsburgh, the most popular recording studio for rappers (from small to super famous) is I.D. Labs so when your uploading your beat tag the location as I.D. Labs. Use this example but also do research use your own knowledge, and come up with a list of recording studios, venues that host rap concerts, rap radio stations, and streetwear clothing stores.

Now another thing I would tell you is that besides tagging your city or state or country when uploading beats in order to give you a more local fan and customer base, I would also make sure to target some of the more known cities and also focus a lot on the lesser known cities because less producers are targeting those rappers.

Cities in the U.S. to target because they are known for having large amounts of rappers:  • New York City • L.A. • Toronto • Houston • Miami • Atlanta • Chicago • New Orleans •Detroit • Baltimore • Philadelphia • Nashville/Memphis

Cities in the U.S. to target because they have sizable amounts of rappers but aren’t as commonly targeted:

  • Pittsburgh, Pa
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Minneaopolis, MN
  • Kansas City, MS
  • Waterloo, IA
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Fayetteville, NC
  • Charleston, SC
  • Spartanburg, SC
  • Rock Hill SC

Email Pack + Updates

Send beats to 250+ rappers, including several major label artists, plus get 3 months of updates with new rappers to send beats to.


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