The rap myth of “Overnight Success”: I found 6ix9ines old music videos and they are awful.

“Overnight success” in rap music specifically, is this dream / idea / story sold to us through marketing and bad documentation but the truth is this doesn’t exist. Sure, you can say well this rapper blew up overnight and this rapper came out of nowhere. While yes there might be some artists who have a music video or song that blew up out of nowhere, that isn’t an overnight success. What really happened was that the artist started releasing tracks and music videos to smaller fan fare and steadily grew a fan base, then when they released the right track or video and did the right marketing / promo, more people shared the music and it spread like wildfire.

If you want to be a rapper, you need to stop having this mentality and thinking that you release one song or music video and it will blow up. In reality, rap music as a career is a journey and process. This is something I try to stress to the rappers who reach out looking to promote their music and the rappers who read this site.

The real truth is that 99.9% of artists who make something of a career out of rap music, didn’t just blow up overnight. Even for the ones that seem like they did, if you look around you will find they have previous music.

A great example of someone who comes across as an overnight success, is 6ix9ine. Gummo blew up and then Kooda and subsequently 5 other songs have been hits but what a lot of the new listeners of 6ix9ine and the people who just know about who he is but not his music, he isn’t an overnight success. He often claims that he’s gone from a nobody to being one of the biggest artists out there in 6 months, or less than a year. But in reality he has been releasing music for the last 2 to 3 years working on his craft, working on his style and plan, and steadily building a buzz. That’s how it works.

Now what’s truly amazing is that the same rapper who has gone 7 for 7 with hits and has been causing a storm the last 6 months is also the same rapper who released the awful songs below. Check them out for yourself if you don’t believe me. In the videos below, 6ix9ine shows absolutely no signs that he is going to become the star that he is today which is something to remember as well. It takes time to find your style and flow, etc.

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