“Teenage Antichrist” : Introducing rapper Emotional Xan.

Contrary to what 6ix9ine tries to say, he isn’t just an overnight star. It’s been more then 6 months that he’s been at the grind of rapping. And if you don’t know, originally 6ix9ine made music that had a very dark style and aesthetic.

But eventually 6ix9ines music got, not watered down, but narrowed down to the style it is now which propelled him to his fame currently. His older darker stuff, like the video above, don’t have anywhere close the same amount of views as his newer stuff. The reason I bring this up is because of the artist Emotional Xan I just discovered due to his video on NoJumper. Emotional Xan has the dark aesthetic but his music is already at a point that it has the potential to be consumed by the masses.

Emotional Xan dubs himself the “Teenage Antichrist” and while his music and aesthetic is dark, his music to me, is more easier to consume then that of XXX’s, Scarlxd, or $uicideboys. If you look at his aesthetic (music videos, fashion sense, etc) it definitely screams Punk Rock but almost to the point of being very American History X however his music sounds more up beat trap rap partyish. I will be listening to his music more but from right now listening to his most recent release, Pressure, and another song called “Break Shxt”, I am just not getting that dark of a feeling from it and honestly that’s a good thing.

His music not having an outright strong dark overtone to it is what I think is going to get him serious attention. People will like the aesthetic and his songs will be shared more because of there easier “digestion”.


One other note: I think he is going to have to change his name, emotional xan is to close lil xan, and to confuse matters emotional xan does call himself lil xan multiple times. I think he’s going to eventually have to change his name to Lil X.

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