Why 6ix9ine needs to end this beef with Chief Keef and Lil Reese now.


Listen, I am a big fan of 6ix9ine’s music, that’s undeniable. But it is difficult to be a fan of him sometimes when he is always doing some crazy or dumb sh*t. And listen I know that that’s one of things that got him to where he is now. But this testing Chief Keef’s and Lil Reese’s gangster is really just f*cking nuts.

6ix9ine seems to forget that Chief Keef is the same guy who had 2 felonies before the age of 18, one of them from being in a SHOOTOUT WITH COPS. Bruh, I don’t care how much drugs you done sold, how much robberies you done committed, how much this or that, being in a shootout with cops is a whole other level.

Edit: In fact this tweet says it best;


And then there’s Lil Reese and honestly when I look at Lil Reese, you can tell that dude has seen all the death. Not a lot of death. All the death.

lil reese.jpg

Listen, 6ix9ine makes music that is awesome as f*ck and great for a bunch of things including drug dealing and doing stupid sh*t, just like chief keefs. But 6ix9ine needs to stop with this because really, besides the fact that he’s playing a stupid and dangerous game, chief keef and lil reese have nothing to prove.

These are two dudes who have long criminal histories and to be real 6ix9ine doesn’t want to play lets compare criminal histories, that’s a pool he doesn’t want to step in. Also they really don’t need to prove anything for the mere fact that they from the real streets of Chicago, f*ck, they were OG’s by the time they hit 19 and 20. Chief is 22 and Lil Reese is 25, and they come from an area and families where a black male making it to 18 is a blessing.

Just my thoughts on this whole beef and who knows if it isn’t really manufactured beef. I have a feeling 6ix9ine periodically pays people to let him beef with them lol. That’s the only explanation that this man is still alive.

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