“The Growth” Interview with rapper LarryLifted

Larry Lifted is a rapper whose still on the come up and has a very limited amount of content out there. However he submitted his music to me and was really aiming for an interview so I figured why not, the guy has talent and he’s been a big supporter of the blog for a minute.

How did you come up with your name? I came up with my name LarryLifted because my last name is Larry and my music is meant to uplift people around me.
What are some official projects of yours? I have The Growth Series which is a two song ep with the Growth Part 1 and Part 2.
Where are you from? I’m from Tampa bay Florida but i live in Nashville Tennessee.
Are you involved in your local music scene? I honestly feel like I am I’m always looking to get other artists and producers to work together in my area. Networking is key especially when you’re in a city that hasn’t gotten a huge buzz yet.
Age? I’m 24
Something cool that’s happened with your music? the coolest thing had to be was when a A&R Rep from Shady Records reached out and asked me to submit 5 songs for review. I sent the music off and about a month later i got my review and i was told i was talented and they wanted me to stay away from cliche rap however i didn’t have the huge enough fanbase yet so unfortunately i didn’t get a deal or get flown out to New York.
Craziest thing you have done? the craziest thing i ever did was probably go into the military right out of HighSchool not knowing what i was getting myself into lol it worked out in the end but man… that was a eye opener.
Your beats are pretty fire, where do you find em? I appreciate that i get most of my beats from ProdlemBeatz or my big home DrewMajorBeats.
Rap influences? my biggest rap influences has to be Big Krit, Jayrock , starlito and Young roddy i really like that group because they know how to keep it Conscious and tell a story through they’re music.
Goals with music? My goals are to get out of poverty and actually do something for my community that will go on even after I’m gone i don’t find interest gold and flashy stuff. There is so much more you can do with your finances that can help so many more people in need even if they didn’t believe in me i still want them to know i got them.
What did you do today? I wrote a couple verses and played a little 2k18 lol
What are your goals with music? I’m trying to use my music to speak to those who don’t have the energy to pick up a book and read about there history or things that happened in life that they aren’t aware of. It’s way bigger than music with me
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 5 years i see myself back in Florida running my local business LIFT.ED(Locals In Florida Teaching Education)
Any plans for 2018? My plan was to get a interview with curatedflame and hopefully draw his attention to where he follows ya boy music lol 🚁💯

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