Don’t do what this hip hop producer did when submitting beats.

Just had a conversation with a producer who reached out to me recently looking for help with securing placements. He reached out to me because he bought my email pack and on that email pack,if you cop it, you’ll see there’s a couple big artists I can help you submit beats with.

So I said to him if you have any type beats for three of these artists that I know looking, send them over. He sent me ONE beat.

The type beat that he sent me was nothing along the lines of the rapper he was submitting for. I wont say who the artist is, but just know its a mainstream but street rapper. I sent the producer an email saying that I would have to pass but if he had any others please send them along. Then I dm’d him because of the conversation we had the other day where he reached out to me looking for help so I dm’d him and said the same thing in the email.

What did the producer respond back? “Bruh I already sent you a (major artist) type beat.” Ok? well I said to him “bruh it sucked and that’s why I am wondering if you have any more to submit?” and his response was that the type beat he sent was his first attempt making that type of beat and that he doesn’t even listen to the rapper he submitted for and “I only make what I listen to and what my mood is. I don’t make beat’s with an artist in mind.” The fxck? why did you send me the beat in the first place then. Your wasting my time and yours.

Listen, producers, I am by no means saying to only make type beats. All I am saying is don’t do what this producer that I am writing about did. If someone says to you hey “I am looking for beats that fit these 3 big names” and you don’t listen to their music, or like their music, or have anything that would fit them. Don’t submit it.

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