Interview with Producer and Hip Hoppreneur, MikeBeatz

I found out about MikeBeatz because he is one of my earliest supporters on the instagram for this blog. He was one of the first to like a bunch of my pictures and to send me messages of encouragement. I came to find out by following his page that MikeBeatz is not only a producer and designer, he is a real hip hop / rap entrepreneur.
Shameless plug but he also eventually would design the packaging for my email pack;

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You see for the most part, the people in the business of Rap / Hip Hop focus on their one specific part of the trade and that’s it. If your a rapper, you rap, if your a producer, you produce, if your a graphic designer, you design. There are a smaller amount of people who might do two things like rap and produce or produce and manage or produce and design. Then there is an even smaller amount who have their hands in a whole bunch of metaphorical pies and pots. One of those people being MikeBeatz, here is a quick list of what he does;
  • Beatmaker / producer
  • Consultant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Blogger
  • Marketing and promo
  • Mixing and mastering

If that’s not hustling, your definition is f*cked up. This man has taken a passion and love for the hip hop / rap art form and turned it into a real career. To find out more about him keep scrolling down.


How old are you?33
Funniest reason/excuse a rapper ever gave you for not having the money for a beat on time? Well, I make sure before they purchase a beat I make him/her know the difference between Non-Exclusive and Exclusive. The budget could be $25 dollar but at the same time, they want Exclusive. I do want artists to understand as well producers who know either.
Where are you from? Columbia, Missouri
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?
I producing for 10 + years. At the age 13, my uncle was into making beats and he gave me my first drum pad hardware which had 8 buttons like the hi-hat, kick, clap and etc.
I used to ask people what is the most they made from a beat, and some producers don’t like to flex. So I am changing this question to can you tell us about (me and the readers) the coolest, or most satisfying, OR the most expensive beat sale, you’ve ever done? The most was an exclusive beat that was $1000!
Who are your biggest influences? Timbaland, Manny Fresh, Zaytoven, Scott Storch, Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, Superstar O, VybeBeats, GummyBeats, Johnny Juliano and many more.
Want to give any shoutouts? My Queen Nisha, My kids Saniya, Jaylen, and Aliazah. My mother Wanda Joel. My sisters Lataja and Latara. My niece and five nephews these the people I love.
What do you find is the best platform or avenue for selling your beats? and why?
Beatstars is the BEST platform for selling beats. The same time who have to build a strong relationship with singers, rappers, and music artists.
What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I love to play pool when I get the time.
Whats your process for making a beat? Starting with the melody first.
What do your beats normally cost?
Non-Exclusive – $19.99
Wave Lease – $39.99
Unlimited Lease – $69.99
Exclusive – Varies
Make sure you read the description of the lease you choose.
What hardware or software do you use? I use Ableton Live 9 and FL Studio 12
What are your plans for 2018? My plans for 2018 is to keep building relationship with some BIG names.
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