Interview with Gelato, the producer behind GlokkNine’s “Kill Kill”.

If you don’t know already, GlokkNine is the new rapper out of Florida who many people, this writer included, say is the next big star from that state. He has released a series of music videos with his most recent being Kill Kill which was produced by Gelato the subject of this piece.

The Kill Kill Track is doing serious numbers;

  • 404k plays on Soundcloud
  • and 255k plays for the music video on YouTube with the video only 2 days old.

Luckily I was able to score an interview with this producer. Find out more about him by scrolling down.

How did the glokknine placement come about?

Through Jordan from Chase Ent . He hit me up on instagram and kept telling me that I should work with Glokk and that he’s the future. Shoutout Jordan, cool ass dude and I’m grateful for him.

credits? I have a few unreleased songs with a few major artists that you all know but I should not name anyone yet. Everyone will find out soon.

A few years ago I did a few big records in Italy before I was named Gelato:

Club Dogo ft. Arisa – Fragili [nba 2k16 soundtrack] (Platinum)
Madman e Gemitaiz – Sempre in Giro (Gold)

How old are you?

I’m 23 like MJ

funniest reason/excuse a rapper ever gave you for not having the money for a beat on time?

“My dog ate my money so I can’t pay you” smh

Where are you from?

Born in Italy, but I live in Montreal, Canada

How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?

Like 6 years. I got into it because I always loved music and this shit is easy to me. I had a few friends (Bighead & Gnealz) that were also starting this producing and music shit at the time, and we kept each other going.

When did you know you made it? or that this could be an actual career for you?

I guess when I made more money than some people working full time regular jobs. I don’t know. – this is just the start.

I used to ask people what is the most they made from a beat, and some producers don’t like to flex. So I am changing this question to can you tell us about (me and the readers) the coolest, or most satisfying, OR the most expensive beat sale, you’ve ever done?

Yeah, I don’t flex about things like this and apart that nothing can come to mind because me and my boys go crazy on any random night so there’s no particular cool or exaggerated thing. It was cool at the beginning but then it became something normal.

Who are your biggest influences?

Definitely Scott Storch for many reasons (joking).

Want to give any shoutouts?

Yeah, shoutout my artist @1elias , my fam @DavidMourad , my managers Pino & Gio from Bari. Shoutout to all my supporters and people I had the pleasure of working with so far.

Shoutout CuratedFlame, I was reading the icy narco interview a few months ago so this was cool. Thank you.

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What do you find is the best platform or avenue of selling your beats? and why?

Instagram because you can meet hundreds of artists a day. Everyone wants to work with me so it’s cool to see this support from artists and producers. I guess BeatStars helped me out because people just click the link on my bio.

What is something about you, people would be surprised to know?

I’m not down to say any retarded stories that I’ve experienced but… I should be in jail.

Whats your process for making a beat?

I just go in the studio, make melodies and then add the craziest drums . Final step is : turn up the volume so loud that people so that my neighbors can text me if they’re fucking with it or not.

Any stories on how you got some of your placements?

I don’t want to mention any names. Talent and hard work will lead you to meet people on your same mission/goal/skill level. I met a few big people in my life that believed in me and my craft and guided me. However, No handouts ever.

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