Roy Purdy and Elle Teresa show up in Famous Dex’s new music video.

Famous Dex releases a second official video for his track “Japan”. This should be called a official video remix. Like maybe that’s the new wave to keep getting monetary success off of a project. That’s just a thought but besides that Famous Dex completely understands that for him to continue his growth and maintain his success that he needs to keep releasing visuals. That’s what has gotten him to where he is now.

Low key this dude or him and his team must have the craziest video budget.

The first video was released two months ago and has already racked up 41 Million plus views and I am curious to see what this video does.

In the video it documents Famous Dex’s trip in Japan and in the video Elle Teresa is heavily featured and Roy Purday and his gang make an appearance as well.

Check out the nterview with Elle Teresa the girl in the video who is actually a rapper herself.

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