Interview with Adult film star Emily Cash

Emily Cash is an adult film actress that I found out about while on Twitter posting links to the interview with Anastasia Knight. I thought I would see if it was possible to get an interview with Emily and she is now the fourth adult film actress I get the chance to publish an interview with.

If you have seen my interviews with Anastasia Knight, Athena Rayne, or Zoe Knight, then this interview might be a switch for you. You see recently I have been talking to Shay over at,she recommended to me to ask fewer questions in my interviews cause it gives a higher chance of response and it’s worked! Not only am I publishing this interview today with Emily Cash but I will be posting later tonight an interview with Scarlett Johnson.

To find out more about Emily and see some of her pics, keep scrolling down.


How did you come up with that as your acting name? I was looking over some pictures from a shoot and the man who took them came up with the name and it sounded really good at the time.

How many scenes or movies have you done? I have done 7 total. 3 B/G and 4 solo although I’ve heard the solo ones are pretty hard to find.

Do you have any particular favorites? My favorite would have to be “Anal for an Audience” it was my first anal scene and probably the only one I’d ever want to watch.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? Hmm probably that I am going to school to obtain my Bachelors of science and nursing degree, and am planning to work with children in child psychiatric units.

What is one food you don’t hate but you would be ok with never eating again?Probably spaghetti, I’ve never been much of a pasta person.

Have you ever been recognized by one of your fans or just anyone in general? what happened? I have, I was waiting for a train and he asked me for a foot job. Not to have sex just “the feet”. Super awkward. I respectfully declined. Ha.

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