Boosie Badazz tells the truth about rappers selling drugs.

It’s my birthday today and I am just chilling right now smoking watching some YouTube videos and I came across an interview with one of my favorite rappers, Boosie Badazz.

Even though Boosie might not have intended for his interview with DJ Vlad, which actually came out in December, 2017, to be an informative piece for future rappers it should still be looked at as one.

In part 3 of his interview with DJ Vlad, Boosie touches on an important topic that a lot of rappers on the come up don’t seem to get. So many, me myself in my younger years and many friends and family members, have fallen victim to this belief that you can sell drugs and rap or that they go almost hand in hand. But the truth is they really don’t.

You can’t be a successful drug dealer and a rapper at the same damn time. It’s just not possible for various reasons.

  • You have to big of a name you can’t go unnoticed and as someone who used to be a very active hustler, if you have a name in the streets yeah it might be easier to sell some product but your also going to have value to your name if someone can claim they robbed you or more.
  • Let’s be real. Selling drugs and rapping, like as a real career, just isn’t going to be manageable. You are going to be the worst dealer ever. Like when Lil Pump says and “I still slang meth”.  No you don’t. Meth is not a drug like weed or coke. I can maybe see it if your a weed or a coke dealer. But Meth is a drug you buy multiple times a week. How you going to manage selling to your clientele when your doing all those shows? And if you do manage to still be slanging that meth or whatever, your going to end up like 03 greedo. Who is currently in the middle of his breakout year but in a couple months will have to turn himself in for a 20 year sentence.
  • And even if your thinking “well the rapper doesn’t have to be selling to each one of his customers, that’s what his underlings are for”. Alright well then you get a Ralo situation and good luck with that.

Boosie really said it best in this 15 second clip below.


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