Lil Yachtys email for beats just dropped and here’s 208 more emails

Lil Yachtys email for beats just dropped

Due to it dropping I released my first official update to my email pack which I first dropped in mid march with only 36 emails that I sold for $2. The amount of emails and price would fluctuate and on may 1st I decided to start selling the list, which now had 153 rappers on it, for $9.99, and included with anyone’s purchase is 3 months of updates where I add you to a mailing list where I give you first access to new lists of emails that I have found.

I started selling this email list + subscription at the beginning of May, and in that time 12 producers have signed up. Those 12 just received early this morning the first official update which included Lil Yachtys new email in case they didn’t see that. But also in the update I included 55 rappers and out of those 55 other rappers, at least 2 are as big as Lil Yachty, and the rest are a mixture of independent and major label rappers with thousands to millions of views for their music.





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