Aniyatyana is going viral with her cucumber video!

Aniyatyana is a model I interviewed at the beginning of March because I saw she was beginning to make a name for herself on IG and through her affiliation with the model / stripper / video vixen/ pornstar, Kakey.

Well yesterday I saw that her interview was getting an extreme spike in visits! Up until yesterday, her interview was getting anywhere from 4 to 34 visits a day. Nothing crazy. But then last night I saw that the interview had been visited 118 times and today its already at 58 and its not even noon yet.

It had me wondering what the hell must of happened. Well I found out the reason why is Aniya started going viral yesterday because of her video she shot of her doing the Sukihana 5 ft challenge in which Aniya sucks on a cucumber while twerking to Sukihana’s 5 ft freestyle. Beyond the shock value of it, and Aniya’s own fan base surely racking up views,  the video has been posted on WorldStarHipHop, a worldstar like site called FlyHeightvideos as well, and the instagram account @dopedealertv

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Check out the interview we did with Aniya here.


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