Who is Callari?


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How did you get your name? Do you pronounce the L’s?

Callari is actually my last name. My producer name used to be OleMcDonald (no troll) but my friend Lone and I made a song and he was like. “This producer name looks retarded, imma use ur actual name.” So he credited me as Angelo Callari. Then i was like, this shit too long so i used just my last name. Its pronounced either Kuh-Lar-EE or Kuh-Larry.

“Today I’m going to learn how to produce music.” What made [a] younger Callari act on this thought?

I started this whole producing thing while i was in college. I used to come home so tired and bored, and i was friends with uglyfriend at the time. Me and him used to be hella cool, and he been producing for a minute. I’ve always loved music so i asked him to send me the program and he taught me the simple shit on FL. I just kept going and going and look where im at now. Shit is so cool.

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What is it like creating in West Palm Beach, Florida?

SHIT. Honestly i don’t have many music friends out here. Nothing really goes on in West Palm it’s all in Broward which is like an hour away. I recently started hitting studios and shit, saw Cris Dinero and made some friends, but the whole music scene is so different in other areas.

You reached 1,000,155 plays on SoundCloud in the middle of December (2017) after only making music for one year. Many producers out there only have a few tracks on their pages if anything. Can you explain why you post your placements on your own SoundCloud page?

Yea it’s crazy i even got that amount of plays. I’m almost at 2 mill now. The ones on my page are the ones that i asked artists if i can post. Usually i send more than one beat out. So if they use 2 i just ask to post one. I get some money off of it, exposure etc. It actually helps out a lot, building relations with artists is important.

-You’ve produced for: Lucki, Famous Dex, Chris Travis, Cold Hart, [Lil] Tracy, CHXPO, Curt McGurt, Ron$oCold, BigBabyGucci, ATL Smook, Adot, Warhol.ss…and this is only half the laundry list of placements w/ artists. Who can your supporters expect to see you collaborate with in the future?

Definitely more with ron, lucki, smook, tracy etc. Supposedly i got something with Trippie redd. When i make this NY trip im gonna be with smooky so hopefully something with him. Ummmm, swaghollywood, Xelly etc. Something with ron dropping this week too, I’m going crazy.

What’s your opinion on fake love?

Fake love is one of the worst things ever. Shit dumb, it costs 0 dollars to keep shit real with people. I’m 100% real with everyone no matter who they are. Everyone should be the same way.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Easy. The people who flake on copping beats or come dm me and expect me to toss them a beat. I DONT CARE HOW MANY PLAYS U GET IF I DONT HIT U FIRST DO NOT EXPECT SOMETHING FROM ME. You don’t go to stores and walk in and expect free shit, same goes for producers. This shit is money, a source of income, don’t come at us unless its correct with money, simple.

How did Prod. BySpeedway get your beats last year, and why were they uploaded/leaked to reddit? Are leaks something you worry about often?

On traktrain last year, you could just rip beats from the source code, so thats what he did to me, and like 50 other producers. He just wanted to be a dick i guess. I was so heated when it happened LOL. Captain Crunch dmed me and was like, “bro cool down. all you doing is giving him attention.” he was like, on some “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody around is anyone gonna know or care.” just let him be, let him do him, and don’t pay any mind to him cuz that’s what he wants.”


What’s your favorite streetwear brand out now? 

Supreme (SHOUT out stacy money). They just make shit that catches my eye idk. I’m not too big on the whole fashion shit i just wear shit that looks good to me irdc.

What placement made you geek out the most?

100% the tracy placement, lucki and chris travis. About a year ago i could only IMAGINE working with these people. They’re some of the first people who got my attention on SoundCloud.  So to work with either of them just blows my mind.

Do you have a go-to artist for tape/song covers?

Fyest artists are easily Papikodone, davis7500, jerbear and catchphrasejones. They make some amazing shit frfr.

What are your rates? (For the folks who can’t check your TrackTrain account.)

50-250 for leases. I judge my beats and cheaper ones are the ones i dont fw as much, and 250 is a fye collab. But im down to work with budgets i know how it goes. Exclusives are 100-400, same concept applies.

Got anyone you want to shout out?


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