These 9 producers are specifically looking to do beat collaborations

Due to many requests from producers who follow my blog and social medias and a few of the ones who have bought my email list of rappers to send beats to, I created this list.

All of these are producers I myself have worked with in the past. The 9 producers on this list specifically reached out to me when I made a post asking who does collabs. On this list you will see some notable names of producers like Koncept P (6ix9ine), TreOnTheBeat (DDG), Xay Scott (Lil Uzi Vert), and more. Below you will find there contact information and what price they charge for collaborations.

Producers specifically looking to collab:

  1. Producer: Koncept P


Price: $200

2. Producer: Treonthebeat


Price: $50

3. Producer: Oakerdidit


Price: $10

4. Producer: Xay Scott

Price: $50 for collabs that will get played in studio for major artists and he will provide reputable proof.

5. Producer: Maxo Koolin


Price: $30

6. Producer: G-dlikepariah


$40 but if you say you got this contact from curatedflame, it will only be $30

7. Producer: Reeseygotit


Price: $50

8. Killer on the beat


Price: free

9. MikeBeatz


Price: $50

White Email Pack

Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to check out the CuratedFlame Email Pack that has 153 rappers and there contact emails to send beats to. Available in two versions, with 3 month subscription ($9.99) or without subscription ($5.99).

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