Soulja Boy VS Lil Uzi Vert

I recently had a conversation with my best friend about Soulja Boy and Lil Uzi Vert where we discussed who was more influential to hip hop and the culture as a whole and here is what my argument was.

Soulja Boy is more influential to the Hip Hop / Rap culture than Lil Uzi Vert will ever be.  Now song wise, in the sense of pure listening value and replay value, sure uzi is better.  I have listened to Uzi way more than I will ever listen to Soulja Boy.  But u have to remember he has a whole team around him, writers, AnR’s, and producers. Soulja boy never really had that, I mean yeah he’s on major labels just like Uzi is, but Soulja for the most part is pretty DIY.

But I’m really arguing about Soulja’s influence and impact on the culture and hip hop rap game as a whole and this is where I feel he wins hands down;

  • Soulja has produced and written lyrics for kanye and beyonce. Sure Kanye is on some dumb ish rn, but Soulja had credits on Lemonade. Even though I don’t like beyonce, even I know that album will be in the smithsonian at some point.
  • Uzi vert has contributed maybe 2 real singles to the culture [and I dont mean the ones that got him on his path to blowing up, I mean XO TOUR LIF3 and his MIGO’s verse is basically it]
  • Uzi has inspired 1000s of horrible copy cats. At least when soulja boy blew up, sure it helped move us towards the ringtone era, but he also influenced 10s of thousands of people to start producing with fl studio. For the most part no one knew what FL studio was or what could be accomplished with it, until Crank That came out and we all found out he released his first album with making beats on the free version.

Tell me what you think? please put your opinion in the comments if you have any? don’t be shy.

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