Interview with designer Kia D, the creative behind KiKi’s Kinis


While on vacation in NYC I got a response from a designer I have been wanting to interview for a hot minuteee. Kia D, aka Curry Queen, aka Kiana Davis, aka ceo and boss lady of Kiki’s Kinis, is a young designer in college who is absolutely killing the fashion game and making her own mark on pop culture. I truly believe that some of the designs she has made will be all over the beaches this summer, and if not this summer, they will be the mainstream next summer.

It’s only a matter of time until one of the big companies aligns with her or H&M rips her off (everyone knows what you do H&M).

To find out more about this designer and to check out some of her work keeps scrolling.


Any major accomplishments I should list? 

  • starting a business at 20
  • being invited to miami swimweek

How long has kikis kinis been around? How did it start? I stayed kiki’s kinis in july of 2017. I started making kinis because i was tired of spending so much money on bikinis. I posted the first one that I made and I got tons of positive feed back and customers! As a result of the positive feed back, I started an Instagram a sold from there.


What social media platform has been the best for pushing out the kikiskinis brand? why? Although Instagram has helped me so much, twitter has to take the crown. After my tweet went viral on twitter it boosted sales and social media interaction!


How old are you? 21

Where are you from?  Morristown Nj

How long have you been designing? I’ve been sketching and making pieces since I was 5!

What made you want to be a designer? When I was younger, I’d always see my grandmother sew. She ignited my flame and inspired me to literally do everything for myself including making my own clothes. I have loved the fashion industry for as long as i can remember.


Where did the inspiration for turning guys old polos and shirts into womens two piece outfits? My inspiration was me being tired of my clothes so i desper

Who are your biggest influences? queen rih rih

Want to give any shoutouts? my friends and family who support me thru anything and everything

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I’m pretty transparent, I don’t think anyone is surprised about anything.

What are your plans for 2018? more bikinis, sets, lounge wear, and lots of unmentionables. kiki’s kinis will be taking over, that’s one thing I can say.


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