These are the 3 reasons BlocBoy JB isn’t going anywhere.

Besides getting the Drake stimulus package, I actually see Blocboy JB being around for awhile. I think he is one of the few rappers in the plethora that come out every year that might be able to sustain an actual career out of music and here is why I think that;

  1. He’s a street rapper who has his own flow. Having your own flow is critical in sustaining a legitimate career in hip hop / rap. If you don’t have your own flow, you better be the friggn best or one of the best at the flow you are stealing. And luckily Blocboy has his own flow.
  2. He’s versatile! Besides being able to rap and dance, he can make his own beats. Check out the video for his song that came out 1 week ago that is simply titled “Prod By Bloc”

(It’s actually my favorite track by him)

3. The era of “my n*gga’s don’t dance, we just pull up or pant’s, and do the roc away” is done. It’s 2018, almost everyone is dancing nowadays, even if your wack at it and don’t got the best moves. Even if you dance like the uncle at the bar b q (I see you Drake).

Blocboy has created his own dance move that is sweeping the nation with the shoot or blocboy jb dance, whatever you want to call it (see example below).


The dancing that Blocboy JB and all of his friends in his videos do, whether it’s intentional or not, is connecting him with fans across the country. Because for fans of street / trap music, it’s for the most part always been one character in that genre and its the tough guy. You know the 50 cent, Boosie, young buck, Kevin Gates, 8ball and MJG, Slim Thug, all of that. The cool tough guy who doesn’t play games.

Blocboy JB isn’t that. Yeah he raps lyrics that are peppered with street tough talk and drug rap but at the same time, he is dancing like crazy with crazy facial expressions and you can tell that he was the class clown. And just because your a d boy or a street dude doesn’t mean you cant have a sense of humor or be able to dance. So beyond gaining fans that are appreciative of this new perspective and vibe he is also connecting with the guys that never really had someone to relate with before.

That is why I think BlocBoy JB is here to stay!

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