Just a thought about marketing yourself as a producer.

I was having a conversation with the producer Maxo Koolin today and I asked him about a producer he works with and if he could connect me with him for an interview. Maxo said definitely and that the producer would be excited to do it!

He told me about how the producer I want to interview is in a all producer collective that is on the come up. Which excites me because like I told Maxo, I have wanted to interview collectives before over time and I have tried, but the two times I have tried, eventually there is at least one or two producers in the group who don’t think it is worth their time or good for their brand. Maxo agreed with me on the bewilderment of this because it’s more exposure so how is it not worth your time?

Later on in our convo I had an opinion and hypothesis that I expressed to Maxo and I am now going to state in this article.


It’s 2018. This mysterious producer shxt is lame and not going to work for you in the long run.

If you are a producer who isn’t already established yet, and I mean really established like this is your career and you make a healthy living off of it. Then you are still on the come up and if you want to make a career out of this, in this day and age. The fans and potential fans want to know and connect with you.


The first producer, who pulls a rapper and no I don’t mean raps and I mean, flexes. Really flexes. They are going to build a huge fan base. Now I mean, showing off the money they make from producing, showing what they are doing with the money. Like the same way tekashi and lil pump and so many rappers did and do.

This is not a knock, but Taz Taylor, essentially did this somewhat and he almost did it right, but he fxcked it up with his beefing with so many people and then now being somewhat still secretive.

I really think that the first (and a few of the others after the first) who really follow the blueprint of rapper flexing. They are going to blow up.

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