Karma drops a music video for her Barbi Tingz Remix

First started following Karma on Instagram and saw that she kept saying she was about to drop a music video and then today I open IG and see she finally did. It’s a remix of Nicki’s Barbie Tingz which is fitting since Karma is what can best be described as a trap barbie.

After watching the video I am left thinking that she is going to be big in the next year or two, whether it be for music or for being a personality. The same way Cardi B was able to pivot and become successful because of her relatability is what I see potentially happening with Karma. People are drawn to Cardi because we all know someone like Cardi and she keeps it real, etc. For me, it’s the same with Karma, and I can’t be the only one since she already has 63k followers on IG.

Fair warning, the video is best watched on an Android with video enhancer or Iphone 10, otherwise for some reason it will look choppy.


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