Some rappers record a “first day out” this rapper recorded a “first day in”.

8 years ago Gucci Mane changed rap forever when he got out of one of his many stints in jail / prison and released a track on his “first day out”. This sparked a trend in rap music that sees no sign of dying down any time soon. As long as there are rappers going to prison and getting out, there will be “first day out” tracks.

Well, Southwest Mook, as far as I can tell, is the first rapper to ever record a “First Day In.” You see recently she was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and actually turned herself in about 12 days ago.  Before she went in she managed to record the project #1095days and the video for it’s single “First Day In”.

In the utmost irony, Southwest Mook, fittingly chose the Meek Mill instrumental “Dreams and Nightmares” and she absolutely stands out and gets us ready for a major comeback. Hell she could be the next Kevin Gates in the sense that she will go into prison with no fan base and come out with a rabid and sizeable fanbase waiting for her music.

Also I think Southwest Mook herself might have just sparked a soon to be trend and I for one am excited to see rappers being real af, like Mook is on this track, and reflect on the decisions that got them to where they are now.

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