Who is Slaylonie?

Someone you should keep an eye out for, that’s who.

First off she is known as both Lalonie, which I assume is her real name, and by her social media handle Slaylonie on both Twitter and Instagram.

Before I get to exactly who she is, let me say that every now and then on this blog I deviate from Hip Hop / Rap and highlight (sometimes interview) a person that is in the realms of pop culture and I believe it’s worth documenting the fact that I think they are  dope and going to be big. That is why this blogs name is CuratedFlame. My best examples would be when I started writing about Clairo, the singer last year and when I interviewed the porn star Anastasia Knight.

I was actually hoping to interview Slaylonie and its still on the fence if that’s going to happen because it’s been a couple weeks since she told me to send her the questions. I was going to wait to write about her but I keep seeing her post fire on Instagram and Twitter and I just made the decision now to write this. I won’t be able to give you to much information since I am waiting to hear back from her but I can give you some quick info on who she is and why I think she’s so “flame”.

First off, the answer of who is Slaylonie can’t be answered with one word or sentence.

She clearly already has a fan base with 13.5k followers on IG and 25.8k followers on Twitter. So to some she is nobody new.

But why does she have the following?

When you first go on her twitter page you will see in her bio that it say’s “wholesome gang 👑 bipolar illustrator from southern california, I draw what I don’t want to forget🌷“I

I’ve tried googling “Wholesome gang” but idk if it really connects to anything. But the “illustrator” part is true, she makes amaaaazing art which you can see some examples of below;



Why the art I think resonates with people is because besides it being dope af,  she’s an artist who isn’t afraid to be personal with it, which continues to lack in this era somehow.

Now besides being an amazing artist, she is also a model and a “local nude dealer”;slay23slay22


I really see her becoming big in some way or another in the next couple years and you should be following her now if your not!

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