Meet Jose Guapo graphic designer, Marco Birlan

If you are a fan of Jose Guapo, then chances are that you have seen the work of graphic designer, Marco Birlan, for example the album art from “Lingo 2” below.

LINGO 2 the return (1).png

I interviewed Marco before in early February, but he has since grown his profile in the industry and I thought it would be dope to do another interview with him. Check out his art and find out more about him by scrolling down.



How did you get in touch with Jose Guapo? Last year in September, I was listening his tape and mentioned him in an Instagram story. Never thought that he will see my message, but he responded to me with some emojis. In the same day, I showed him my work and he said that we definitely need to work. After that day, I did almost all of his recent projects, including Lingo 2 album, Loose Change song (feat. 24Hrs), Bitch Please song (feat. Mista Cain) and Why You Mad song (feat. Famous Dex).

I saw you also got in contact with A$AP Mob recently. How this happened? One week ago A$AP Tyy just commented on one of my covers, and few minutes later his manager approached me. He gave me his phone number and told me to call him, to talk about some projects. We worked in the same day at the cover of single “It`s a new day”, which was released on A$AP Tyy Soundcloud. For me, it was a big achievement to see my cover on A$AP Mob Instagram and Twitter page.

Since our last conversation, you worked with some new names. Can you tell me a little about this? Yes, I try daily to reach to new artists and expand my brand. I have worked with Lil Wop, Cuban Doll, iON Lil Gut, Kent Jones, Yung Bino and Young Dolph. Also I got in touch with 3400 Migo Gang and designed 3400 Pedro feat. Quavo “She da Swoop” song cover.


How did you go about getting these new placements? Most of them reached out to me.

  • Lil Wop’s friend, El Salvaje17, texted me that he needs me to do the cover art for his newest song with Lil Wop, called “Bite to Eat”.
  • 3400 Migo Gang the same, reached out to me. I`m currently working with 3400 Pedro right now on a new project, but until then you can listen to his new tape, Pedro 4 President.
  • iON Lil Gut, ohtrapstar and Icy Narco are part of a great team and I`m working with all of them, we got more projects on the way.
  • Also I talk often with peoples from Cuban Doll management, and I just designed her next concert poster.

What are your prices running nowadays? Working with big names and improving my skills obviously affected my prices. I raised all of them, and a cover now starts from 50$ and can be up to 100$.


Who are some other graphic designers you see on the come up? You think are talented? I have alot of graphic designers friends around the world. We talk often and try to give advice to one another. I don`t want to give names because I really support all my friends and wish them to reach a high level.
What is something people dont understand or know about what you do?
Most people don`t understand that this job is serious and the music industry is not a joke. Even if it`s a passion, this job requires hard work and dedication and that`s why most of newbie graphic designers don`t stay in the industry and quit. Welcome to the jungle!
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