Interview + 5 beats with SonoBeats

SonoBeats is a producer I found on YouTube who caught my ear because of the first beat featured in this article. Once I saw the numbers he was doing it only bolstered this decision.

YouTube stats:

  • 5,653 subscribers
  • 876K+ views

Find out more about this producer and check out his beats by scrolling down.


  • Rico Myers – Feel
  • Halabk – Fantasy
  • The 20Six- On You
  • YTN Semi – Everything Ok

How old are you? I’m turning 24 this year.

Where are you from? I’m from Canada.

How long you been producing? I’ve been producing since 2014. One of my best friends was an EDM producer and just looking at the way he creates melodies and every component required to make a beat just really pushed me to be as creative as him.

Something dope that’s happened to you from music? The dopest thing would be seeing people really acknowledging what I am doing. It’s a real pleasure when people get to like what you do and really boost you up to keep it up.

Biggest influences? Timbaland, 50cent, Drake, Boi 1da, and Jay z

Shoutouts? Shoutout to Everybody who really made me get to this stage and made me enjoying making beats

Best platform for selling your beats? I think YouTube and beatstars are the best platforms in my opinion. Everybody is there and I guess reaching to your audience is a bit easier

Process for making a beat? I will start with mumbling a melody and then just apply the same melody on the piano. From there it’s just a straight continuation

What software and why? I use fl studio. I kinda know how other softwares works but I have a better workflow with fl studio

How much do your beats normally cost? My leases start a 20$. For exclusives, I usually discuss with the artist to find a good price for the both of us

Plans for 2018? For 2018, I would want to get bigger placements especially with the upcoming artists.

Who do you think will be blowing up in 2018? I think producers Like Young Forever, Cashmoneyap, or Benihana would be the next ones coming up.

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