Pi’erre Bourne “Planet Namek” video & review

Written by BadKaleb/ @musicofcarolina

Edited by @nicejewboy

Pi’erre Bourne officially dropped “Planet Namek” on YouTube yesterday (April 21). I say officially because up until then the song was on SoundCloud but was extremely low quality and there were also multiple snippets leading up to the song’s release pushed on Twitter.

The first few times I just played it on my computer’s speakers. The piccolo/flute instruments sounded a little harsh in the ‘highs’ of the speakers (MacBook Pro 2014). Then I put on a cheap pair of Sennheiser headphones, and it was a much better listening experience. The auto tune sounds much better on better equipment, too. It’ll sound great in the car.

I thought it was strange Bourne held out the same instruments as long as he did in each measure. I mean he did it in “Magnolia” (now 2x platinum under RIAA) but the notes switch quicker than they do in “Planet Namek.” “Magnolia” is clearly is a higher BPM song which keeps people wanting to dance and groove more; usually. His 808s and kicks ‘spacing’ is different on “Planet Namek,” though. This might be another reason Bourne held the lead instruments playing for as long as he did. He also wanted to bring out the strings in the song (sounds like they’re in my right headphone more). The piccolo/flute is also a different pattern on both songs. It slides on “Planet Namek.”

The visuals are nice, and follow some of his past effects editing wise. The crew was definitely in California and decided to flex the foreign whip and Supreme garments.

This is all in anticipation for Pi’erre Bourne’s TLOP4 which will be his fourth installment of The Life of Pi’erre series for his debut album. So far my favorite joint is “Michael Phelps.”

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