Montana of 300 isn’t broke he’s an innovator

Let me make this clear.

I am aware of Montana of 300, I know about his skills and talent. But I have never been a “fan” of him. I’ve had friends who could be considered Stans of his music but I have never been one to bang his music. There is no real reason I just really haven’t.

So don’t think that this is coming from a Montana fan.

All I want to say right now is people need to stop hating on him right now for doing a 15k go fund me. He isn’t doing it cause hes broke. He is doing it because he wants to see if it’s a viable option for making money in this game. If he can get his fans to put up the funds and then he gets to make a video for free and reap the rewards from it, that’s genius.

If he pulls this off, I guarantee you it will be a new trend in rap.

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