If attention deficit disorder was a rapper it would be Hobo Johnson.

Hobo Johnson is an artist I found out about today because I saw he released a video that was recommended to me and it was at over 200k views and his name piqued my interest. I clicked on the video and shiyut he is making music that I’ve always wanted to hear. Listen I love my boosie, I love my young buck, etc. But I always said I want rappers who explore other themes. Which is why I also love the other rappers I do.

I also have repeatedly said throughout my rap listening history, I want someone who raps about specific moments in life that aren’t the stuff other rappers like to talk about for the most part. Like liking a girl but realizing your not the right one for her. Well, lo and behold, Hobo Johnson made a song about basically that exact thing!

Before you press play, if you even want to after that intro, let me warn you that Hobo Johnson is much like Yoni Wolf in the sense of being on the fringes of what you call rap music. Like Slug from Atmosphere would probably see this guy perform and love his work but be like ‘yeah man, idk if I can sign you though.”

But none of that in the previous paragraph was a knock. Hobo is making ADD medication x Bedroom pop twinged indie rap music and I got to say it’s kind of f*cking awesome. None of that cuco sh*t.

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