Congratulations DJ Akademiks, you just made me quit my rap career before it even started.

DJ akademiks just had a snippet of a music video that’s of his music released. Apparently dude is trying to be a rapper and his first video is called “blues clues”. Negro da hell? Your first song and video you introducing yourself to the world as a rapper is called “Blues Clues”? Gtfoh.

But that’s not even the point.

In only 20 seconds this man just made me quit my rap career be4 it even really started.

How you may ask?

While this blog still is growing and is small time right now. I can’t believe I am even saying this but I do have fans/supporters:) Who will sometimes tell me I am creating a more niche worldstar or nojumper or like djakademiks. Which is always awesome to hear.

Well besides having this blog I also record and release tracks every now and then. My bank account remix being the most played with a little over 1k views.

BUT after seeing this snippet of Akademiks…IDK he ruined rapping for me in 20 seconds. He didn’t ruin rap music he ruined rapping.

Simply because I think that it’s super lame that he’s trying to rap…now! Like bro, for years you been known as a commentator and tastemaker and now your pushing out music. It makes me wonder is this what the end goal was the whole time? Or did u just see rappers getting bread so ur like lemme join in 2.

And then I realize that the same way I’m looking at akademiks, other people r going 2 look at me. And I’m looking at akademiks rn like he’s the corniest fool ever and not in a funny cute way. So like fuck it I ain’t gonna do yall like that.

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