The common mistake producers make when sending beats

I was doing my rounds looking for rappers and producers, and compiling emails. When I saw a femcee on the come up who gets beats sent to her often from producers familiar with her subgenre.

Well idk if she made this post because of a specific incident or she’s just aware of how proper business is handle off the jump. But she said that when you send beats to her please include in the email what are the terms if she ends up using your beats and to please note specifically if your cool with just credit.

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I don’t know why but it made me realize that there are probably a lot of producers who probably either

A. Overlook sending the terms because they want to send out as many beat packs as possible.

B. Are afraid to send the terms because they think a rapper not pick their beats.

If your not sending your terms or what you want in return if they pick your beat because of the first reason. You need to stop overlooking that and start sending your terms and conditions along with every beat or beat pack you release.

If your doing it because of the second reason because you think they won’t pick a beat. Then you need to stop thinking that way OR not be so angry when they do pick your beat and you only get credit…IF that.

Basically the short version is, when your sending your beats to rappers make sure that your also sending your terms and conditions along as well.

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